Operation Christmas Child Shoe Boxes


Our ladies prayer group set a goal of thirty shoeboxes for Operation Christmas Child in 2010. Some of us had struggled financially that year. Some could only afford to fill one box, some no boxes, and some several boxes. We decided to all buy however little or much we could, then bring our gifts to the church and fill the boxes together. We ended up with a closet full of donated toys, jewelry, crayons, coloring books, school supplies, and hygiene products.

Before everyone arrived to fill the boxes, we decided we didn’t have enough items for older kids. Some people had donated money, but the treasurer hadn’t arrived yet, so we didn’t know how much. On faith, a couple of us went shopping and ended up spending more than we thought we should. When the treasurer arrived, the donations amounted to almost exactly the money we’d spent.

By the time we ran out of boxes, another donation had come in to pay for more. Another shopping trip only brought in four more boxes. Apparently several of the churches in our town were participating in Operation Christmas Child. Once we found more boxes, we filled a total of fifty.

We didn’t make any plans on who would buy what, how many, for a boy or girl, or what age group, but it all worked out above and beyond our goal.

In 2011, our goal was fifty. This time, we didn’t even have to make extra shopping runs, except for more boxes and we ended up filling a total of seventy boxes.


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